The “Federation of Military Veterans of the Armed Forces” has a few objectives:

  • To unite veterans, active and inactive service persons whether conscript or otherwise who have served with Army, Air Force, Navy, Military Police, Home Guard (US=National Guard) regardless of rank or servicepart within the Federation.
  • To inspire it’s members to share norms and values, to respect law, freedom and democracy.
  • To guard, promote and keep the camaraderie between our members and to support them individually when asked.
  • To continually honour and remember those who have fallen in battle, peace missions, peace time excercises, resistance and imprisonment.
  • To strive to and realise a warm friendship and bilateral relationships with other federations and/or groups of similar intent and to work along side where applicable.
  • The FMOK, with respect to the beliefs of all members, will refrain from any religious, racial or political activity.
  • To promote the good name of our association

What are we offering?

  • The FMOK grants permission to use our website and our Facebook page.
  • Ass a member you will receive e-mails pertinent to FMOK.
  • A free monthly digital magazine (which is at the moment in Dutch but we’re working on it!)
  • Participation in our Annual Member meeting and other events held in NL and other countries.
  • You may procure our embroiderd badge.

The Federation regularly organizes:

  • Yearly Meet and Greet event
  • Reunion parties
  • Sea fishing
  • Excursions and travel
  • Shooting
  • Newyears reception
  • Lectures

Who can become a member?

Veterans ( all former members of the armed forces ) from any NATO country and their partners are eligible to become a member.

What are the contribution fees?
To become a member the contribution fee has been set to € 15,- p.a. for member-partners € 10,00 p.p.p.a. Other extra costs, if chosen to participate, are for own purse unless otherwise specified. Interested?  Apply via the link at the top op the page. Thank you.