Great a new member, a voice extra to determine our direction. Membership also means carrying our identity. Probably unnecessary to say that this comes with a contribution to the cause. One way or another you will profit from it.

Of course you are a real member after paying the contribution. Before we can process your application we need your application form. It’s digital and easy. Just fill it in an click on the send button. That also means that you agree to the € 15.- contribution per annum.

Your partner can also become a member in that case joint membership is only € 25,- p.a.

Now comes the nitty gritty:

  • Contribution is  € 15,- (or € 25,-) and runs 1 Januari to 31 December:
    If you become a member in November or December you are automatically covered for the next year.
  • Bank transfers (NO CHEQUES please)* can be made to IBAN : NL19 RBRB 0200 6254 70 to the name of  FMOK
    lidmaatschap geld FMOK 202*
  • * please state for which year you are paying your contribution

By submitting your application you agree to our storing and using your data. See our privacy statement which is unfortunately at the moment still in Dutch, but be assured it conforms with European legislation.

NOTE: The application form must be filled in truthfully failure to comply is punishable by law. Sounds harsh but that’s the way it is.

* Cashing in a cheque in NL costs regardless of the amount a minimal of € 35,-


I hereby acknowledge and give permission to register as a member of F.M.O.K The Netherlands.


Christian name and surname
Please add country